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Our Story

The Early Music Ensemble Marsyas Baroque was founded in 2018. One year later the Ensemble won a fellowship of the German Music Council, and was chosen to participate in the Federal Selection of Young Artists 2020-2022. In addition, Marsyas Baroque won the special Early Music Prize from the Freiburg Ensemble Academy and the First Prize at the XX Biagio Marini Competition in 2019.

Since then, the four musicians have performed regularly on national and international stages. The Ensemble has reached audiences all over Germany with its music through more than 40 concerts in the past 3 years. Marsyas Baroque has performed at festivals such as the Thüringer Bachwochen, the Trigonale Festival, the Festival Winter in Schwetzingen and others

Meet Marsyas Baroque

Marsyas Quatuore .Highres. ©FoppeSchut _7FS2215.jpg

Recorder - Baroque Bassoon

Marsyas Quatuore .Highres. ©FoppeSchut _7FS2105.jpg

Baroque Cello - Viola da Gamba


Baroque Violin - Baroque Viola


Harpsichord - Organ

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